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The Twenty Important Points for an Impressive Speaker

The Twenty Important Points for an Impressive Speaker

                               Dr. Ch. Durga PrasadaRao

Speaking is an art. To learn how to speak one must start speaking because we can not learn swimming by simply listening about the techniques of swimming or by seeing videos on swimming. Instead, one should dive in to water and start swimming.  Then only a person becomes expert in swimming. The same process is applicable to every art what ever it may be.
Our Rishis (Saints) of ancient times advised us to follow certain suggestions as precautionary steps to be recognized as an impressive speaker. All the precautions are codified and framed in a nut shell.  So, one should follow these suggestions scrupulously to enable himself to become a good speaker.
*. तथ्यं tathyam means that one should speak the facts without exaggerating them.
*. पथ्यं pathyam means that the talk should be proper and suitsble to the context. It should not be like beating around the bush.
3* सहेतु sahetu means that it should be of substantial evidence. . It should not be base less or without valid reason.

4*प्रियम priyam means that the speech should be as sweet as it could be.
5* तिमृदुलं atimrudulam means that it should be impressive and soft.
6*सारव saaravat, It should be meaningful.

7. द्दैन्यहीनं dainyahinam . The talk should be assertive.
8* saabhipraayam means that it should be purposeful.
9.* दुरापं duraapam means it should be thought provoking.
    It should not be understood very easily. At the same time understood only by peeping in to the subject.
10* सविनयsavinayam the speaker should speak with utmost humility.
11*  मशठं ashatham. It should never be dogmatic.
12* चित्र chitram the speech should be figurative. The way of presentation is more important than the content it self. It should not be dry. The presentation must have some aesthetic sense.
13* मल्पाक्षरं  alpaksharam. It should be as brief as it could be.
14. बह्वर्थं bahvartham. It should be pregnant with meaning.
15* कोपशून्यं  kopashunyam. The speaker should not exhibit any anger while presenting the matter.
16* स्मितयुत smitayutam . The should speak cheerfully
 17* घनदाक्षिण्य ghanadaakshinya . He is expected to be unbiased while presenting subject.
18* सन्देहहीनं
 sandehahina while speaking one should be very confident of what he speaks.
There is a famous proverb:
He who knows not and knows not that he knows not is a fool. Shun him.
He who knows not and knows that he knows not can be taught. Teach him.
He who knows and knows not that he knows not is asleep. Wake him. 
  He who knows and knows that he knows is a prophet. Follow him.
  So, one must be very confident of himself while speaking on a particular topic.

 19* सप्रमेयम् saprameyam It should be logical and it should not be vague.
अप्रमत्तम् apramattam One should be of very cautious of what he speaks. Because once it is uttered or comes out from one’s mouth it can not be repented or taken back.

तथ्यं पथ्यं सहेतु प्रियमतिमृदुलं सारवद्दैन्यहीनं
साभिप्रायं दुरापं सविनयमशठं चित्रमल्पाक्षरं च |
बह्वर्थं कोपशून्यं स्मितयुतघनदाक्षिण्यसन्देहहीनं
वाक्यं ब्रूयाद्रसज्ञ: परिषदि समये सप्रमेयाप्रमत्तम् ||    

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