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Dr. Chilakamarti Durga Prasada Rao
Bhasha Praveena, VedantaVidyapraveena,
 P.O.L,   M. A. [Sanskrit], M.A [Telugu],
M. A [Philosophy], M. Phil & Ph . D
3/106, Premnagar, Dayalbagh,
                                                                            AGRA- 282005.U.P.             
                                                                                                                              +91   9897959425
Sir / Madam,
Namaste. This is to submit that my book entitled“ The  Contribution of Andhra to Advaita -Vedanta”  has been published by Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanams. This book deals with many aspects of Advaita – Vedanta of Sri Sankaracharya and also the Andhra writers, who contributed a great deal of literature to it in a refreshing new light.
A few scholar friends of mine have recommended to their friends for an in depth study. Encouraged by this gesture, I feel and hope that the book will be of considerable use to scholars and students of Sanskrit.
I would therefore like to request you to get a few copies of the book for your faculty. You may order for the copies and pay the cost by D. D. either before or after receiving the copies. The cost is Rs.100/- [one hundred] only per copy. I may add that a hand some discount will be allowed on the purchase.
Thank you.
                                                           Very faithfully yours,
    Agra,                               [CH. DURGA PRASADA RAO]
15.7. 2014.


The work entitled “ The  Contribution of Andhra to Advaita -Vedanta” consists of ten chapters.
In Chapter – I, the antiquity and greatness of Andhra race is discussed. The contribution of Andhra to Sanskrit literature in general and Advaita-Vedanta in particular are presented as well as the unique -  ness of Andhra in producing different Acharyas of  Vedanta - Darsana.
In Chapter – II, both orthodox and heterodox systems of Indian Philosophy are discussed. The superiority of Vedanta – darsana over other darsanas is sought to be proved. The salient features of Advaita - Vedanta are also given.
In Chapter-III, the contribution of various authors, to the literature directly and indirectly related to the Upanishads is mentioned.
In Chapter-IV, the aim of composing Brahma-Sutras, the different schools of thought i.e., Bhamati & Vivarana, came in to existence in the post-Sankara period, the followers of both the prasthanams come in to picture. Some unpublished works have also been brought to light.
In Chapter – V, various commentaries written on the Bhagavadgita by Andhra scholars are given.
In Chapter-VI, the commentaries of major prakarana works are discussed.
In Chapter - VII, a number of works that strengthened the Advaita –Philosophy by refuting the views of the opponents in general and Visistadvaita  and Dvaita  in particular are shown.
In Chapter –VIII, the works of many poetesses especially Kamakshi, the most distinguished one who produced commentaries on three outstanding works are discussed.
In Chapter – IX, the service rendered by various principalities in patronizing scholars of various sastras and steps taken by principalities in preserving and spreading Advaita-Vedanta are mentioned.

In Chapter – X, the tradition of various mutts and their role in preserving Advaitic thought is discussed.***

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