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9. ‘Charucharya’ of Kshemendra (A treatise on moral education)

          9. ‘Charucharya’of Kshemendra
(A treatise on moral education)
                            Dr. Chilakamarthi Durgaprasada Rao
         9. संचरणशील: स्यान्निशि निश्शंकमानस:
         माण्डव्य : शुललीनो s भूदचौर: चौरशङ्कया ||
          निशि= రాత్రి సమయములందు;  निश्शंकमानस: =ఎటువంటి భయం, సంశయం  లేకుండా; संचरणशील: =సంచరించు స్వభావము కలవాడు   स्यात् = కారాదు;  माण्डव्य := మాండవ్య మహాముని अचौर:= దొంగ కానప్పటికీ; चौरशङ्कया = దొంగ అనెడి అనుమానముతో;   शूललीन: శూలముపై ఎక్కి౦పబడిన వాడు / కొఱుత వేయబడిన వాడు;   अभूत् =అయ్యెను .

అందరు నిద్రి౦చు  రాత్రి సమయములందు  ఎవరు అనవసరంగా సంచరించ రాదు, మెలకువగా ఉండరాదు . రాత్రి మెలకువగా నున్న కారణంగానే మాండవ్యమహామునిని  దొంగగా భావించి ఆయనను కొఱుత వేసి శిక్షించిరి .    

         One should not wander or keep himself or herself awake during night time without hesitation while every one else is sleeping. Mandavya, who was not a thief but a great saint  was punished severely  by being placed on a javelin as he was suspected as thief.     
         Mandavya was a great saint. Once he was in deep meditation in his hermitage. At that time a band of thieves looted the wealth of the king and security guards started chasing them .Then the thieves threw all the wealth they had looted near the saint and escaped. The security guards found the wealth beside the saint and suspected him to be the leader of the thieves. Immediately they reported the matter to the king and the saint was punished by placing himself on the javelin.  Ultimately the king realized his mistake and relived the saint from the predicament.
         The summary of the saying is that one should not keep himself awake at night while others are sleeping as it may lead to suspicion.
         See the Mahabharata for more details.


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