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Vinayaka - His father's son

                                                     Vinayaka - His father's son

                                                                                              Dr. Chilakamarthi DurgaPrasada Rao

It is traditionally  believed  that a son is the replica of his father. Vinayaka the son of Lord Siva is also like his father. A devotee praises  Vinayaka  in a very awasome manner comparing him with Lord Siva. Let us relish the beauty of the poem and enjoy.

Lord Siva is known as Astamurthi. He is an assemblage of eight elements. The five elements Earth, Water, Fire, Air, Sky, and the  Sun,
the Moon and Yajnapurusha constitute His body. Vinayaka, like His father can also be called Astamurthi by virtue of having eight characteristics.

1. एकरद : He is called 'ekarada' for having possesed with one (ivory) tooth.  Normally elephant has two teeth (tusks). Vinayaka, the elephant headed God  has only one tooth as the other tooth of him is used  as a weapon to kill his enemy who was a demon .

2. द्वैमातुर: He is called 'dvaimaatura'  for having two mothers one is Parvati while the other is Ganga.

3. निस्त्रिगुण: He is known as 'nistriguna'  becuse he is beyond three gunas viz., Sattva, Rajas and Tamas.

4. चतुर्भुज: (अपि) : He is called ' chaturbhuja '  for having four shoulders.

5. पञ्चकर:  He is popularly known as 'panchakara'.   Even though he is having  four shoulders ,  his  hands are  five  as the  trunk is also used some times as fifth hand .

6. षण्मुखनुत:    He is described as ' Shatnmukhanuta' for being    praised by Shanmukha , (Kumaraswami) his younger brother who has six faces.

7. 'सप्तच्छदगन्धिमद:  He is also popular as 'saptachhcdagandhimada'       ' who has the odour of saptacchada, seven leaved tree (Alstonia scholaris ). Normally elephents ooze some sort of liquid (rut) which is compared to be the liquid comes out of saptachhada tree (one kind of banana plant which has seven leaves). Since Lord Vinayaka is  elephant headed, some sort of fragrance comes out  of him.

8. He is "asthtatanutanaya" (अष्टतनुतनय) which  means that he the son of Lord Siva who has eight types of bodies. In this way Vinayaka is just like his father. He possesses eight characteristics while Lord Siva possesses eitht elements.  Let us chant the glory of Vinayaka:

एकरद! द्वैमातुर! निस्त्रिगुण! चतुर्भुजोsपि पञ्चकर !
जय षण्मुखनुत ! सप्तच्छदिगन्धाष्टतनुतनय !

ekarada !dvaimaatura !nistriguNa ! chaturbhujopi panchakara !
jaya shaNmukhanuta ! saptachhadagandhaashta tanu tanaya !

ఏకరద! ద్వైమాతుర! నిస్త్రిగుణ! చతుర్భుజోపి పంచకర!
జయ షణ్ముఖ నుత! సప్తచ్ఛదగన్ధిమదాష్టతనుతనయ!....

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