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Contribution of Andhra to Kena Upanishad

        Contribution of Andhra to Kena Upanishad
                                                           ( A Brief Study)

Dr. Chilakamarthi Durga Prasada Rao

This Upanishad belongs to Tavalkara Brahmana of the Samaveda and is in two parts, half verse and half prose. The emphasis of this Upanishad is on the illusory nature of the senses. The concept of Brahman is not what the senses ordinarily grasp. But it can only be realized by itself. This Upanishad is known as Kenopanishad since the first word of the first verse is 'Kena' which means " by whom.".

Sankara wrote two commentaries on this Upanishad Padabhashya (commentary on the words) and Vakyabhashya (commentary on the sentences).

Anandagiri wrote Bhashyatippani on this Upanishad and it was published in Anandasrama Press.

Another notable commentator, Upanishadbrahmendrayogi, wrote a commentary  named Vivaranam which gives the quintessence of Kenopanishad and was published by the world famous Adyar Library.

Bellamkonda Ramaraya Kavi wrote the gist of Kenopanishad in his Vedantamukthavali strictly following in the lines of Sankara.

A sloka from the Kenopanishad written by Ramarayakavi reads:.

यस्यानुग्रहतो विजिग्युरसुरानिन्द्रादयो देवता:
शक्नोति स्म तृणं न दग्धुमनल: क्षेप्तुं च नैवानिल: |
यस्यानुग्रहवर्णनादधिगतं देवैरुमाभाषिता
द्यक्षाकारपदं च यल्लसति तद्विद्योतनं विद्युताम् | |

(The supremacy of Atman (read Almighty) is such that only through Its benediction Devas could conquer the demons. Its grace lets fire glow and air move; and even the Gods could become Gods only through Its grace. Let that Supreme Atman shine eternally.)

Here are some commentaries written in Telugu on the Kenopanishad.
Atmanandayogi - Upanishattulu
Kanuparthi Markendaya sastry - Srimadandhropanishdjnanadipika
Charla Ganapathi Sastry - Upanishad Sudha.

Similarly Nori Srinatha Venkata Somayajulu of the 20th century wrote a commentary with explanatory notes strictly following Advaita interpretation.

Prof.P.Ramachandrudu of the present century wrote a commentary on the Kenopanishad consisting of Pratipadartha and Tatparya following in the lines of Sankara.

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